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We begin with an evaluation that may include a series of tests to determine range of motion, muscle strength, postural alignment and abnormalities in movement patterns, body mechanics and quality of daily activities. Other tests may include those for sensation, balance, coordination and nerve function. Additional services include:

Neck and Back Pain

Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

If you have recently or in the past had spinal surgery, it is highly important to recover full spine function and prevent recurrence rates. Current literature reports following a lumbar microdisectomy, the recurrence rate of a disc herniation is roughly 10%.  If a repeat microdisectomy is required, recurrence rates have been reported as high as 20%. Our physiotherapists pride themselves on reducing re-injury rates through comprehensive and individualised rehabilitation plans.

Preparation for orthopaedic surgery is a key for success. Our physiotherapists work closely with leading Orthopaedic surgeons. This assures first hand knowledge of the procedures and protocols required for specific pre and postoperative care that leads to improved outcomes.

Aged Care Services

Sports Injuries

Recent Federal Government changes have led to the funding of home care packages to individuals. As a result, an increasing number of older Australians are opting to receive care at home rather then in nursing homes. A recent study by the National Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre has compared outcomes for people in traditional residential care compared to those living in smaller, home-like facilities receiving in home care. The outcomes noted fewer hospital admissions, improved scores on quality of life measures and reduced overall costs at 20 percent lower than traditional care. Our experienced team at SM Physio can provide easy access in-home services from physiotherapy to exercise rehabilitation and associated allied health services that aims to reduce costs and improve quality of life.

Our team at SM Physio have combined experience at the Australian and Western Australian Institute of Sport and professional soccer teams in the Scottish Premier and English Football Leagues. This first hand experience enables the development of sports specific rehabilitation plans that will assist in a faster recovery and return to full activity.

Workers Compensation Claims

Ergonomic Assessments

An injury in the workplace can be highly distressing for both the employee and employer. The team at SM Physio have extensive experience working closely in the workers compensation scheme as the direct rehabilitation provider for medium to large corporations. Our team can facilitate a streamlined process for both the employee and employer so a favourable outcome is achieved.

Ergonomic desk assessments aim to provide a safe working environment and prevent further injury.  An analysis of all aspects of the workstation includes the ergonomic chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse and the placement of these on the workstation to the specific needs of the individual.

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