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SM Physio Injury Management Group are passionate about providing a gold class service for employers and their staff alike. Our highly dedicated team pride ourselves on creating long lasting professional relationships through communication and long lasting result based outcomes.

Fitness for Duty Assessment.

Reoccurrence of injury can be time consuming, expensive and stressful for workers and employers alike. Let our highly dedicated team perform an individualised, professional evaluation of your employees before they return to duty after injury. Our comprehensive assessment evaluates the capacity of your employee to return to work without re-injury or exacerbation of symptoms. Get peace of mind and accountable assurance that your team is fit for duty.

Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Medicals

A fit worker is a productive worker.
Our comprehensive pre – employment musculoskeletal medicals will give you absolute insight into the functional capacity and risk of injury of your candidate. Don’t take the risk. Let our dedicated team perform an individualised, extensive musculoskeletal assessment to give you peace of mind and the best possible worker for your team.

Onsite Rehabilitation Services

Let us solve your problems onsite. Manage workplace injury with immediate onsite physio. With flexible and individualised packages available, it has never been easier to promote and facilitate a pain free work place.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Solutions

Is your employee complaining of ongoing pain in the absence of trauma? It could very well be related to highly repetitive movements required for their everyday occupation. RSI is a common ailment effecting employees partaking in manual labour or office work with an expanding reliance on electronic devices. Our highly dedicated team will advise on the best manual therapy solutions, bracing or splinting options and advise on strategies to resolve and reduce the risk of recurring complaints.

Workplace Injury and Compensation Claims

An injury in the workplace can be highly distressing for both the employee and employer. The team at SM Physio Injury Management Group have extensive experience working closely in the workers compensation scheme as the direct rehabilitation provider for medium to large corporations. Our team can facilitate an individualised and streamlined process for both the employee and employer, so a favourable outcome is achieved.

Independent Physiotherapy Opinions.

Outcomes not as expected? An independent review will provide guidance and assurance for you as an employer. Our opinion will outline the treatment approach most likely to achieve positive work outcomes or possible barriers affecting a timely return to work.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Preparation for Orthopaedic surgery is a key for success. Our Physiotherapists work closely with leading Orthopaedic surgeons. This assures first-hand knowledge of the procedures and protocols required for specific pre and postoperative care that leads to improved outcomes. Customised exercise rehabilitation plans are tailor made and executed under the expert supervision of our dedicated team. Either within our well-equipped exclusive gym area or onsite at a preferred location.

Ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic desk assessments aim to provide a safe working environment and prevent further injury. An analysis of all aspects of the workstation includes the ergonomic chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse and the placement of these on the workstation to the specific needs of the individual.

TelePhysio Services

Improve patient outcomes with 24/7 injury management. The use of secure, fully encrypted online portals enables rapid response onsite management, no matter how remote, without the cost of onsite service. Data and information regarding progress and compliance of your workers at your fingertips no matter what time, day of the week or device you have access to.